Interviews with Marine Scientists!

By far the most common questions we receive at "Ask a Marine Scientist" are regarding the field of marine biology as a career. As this field is so wide, and covers such a huge scope of research, we decided to interview some marine scientists to ask them what they thought about their jobs, and to give us a description of marine biology careers that we could pass on to you. The questions we asked these scientists are questions commonly asked by people who themselves are interested in becoming marine biologists. Here are the answers, straight from the horses' mouth.
After all, they know best!

Ramona de Graaf: Marine Biologist working at BMSC

Stasia Ferbey: Biologist at Biologica Environmental Services Ltd

Ben Wilson: Scientist at Scottish Association for Marine Science

Allison Henderson: Marine Biology Research Technician

Dr.Andy Spencer: Professor Malaspina University College

Laura Verhegge: Lester B. Pearson College Biology Instructor



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