One of the debris fields from the March, 2011 tsunami
(source: US Navy)

Japanese Tsunami Debris is Landing on our Beaches

May, 2013

Here some updated links regarding the tsunami debris:

Japan gives B.C. $1-million for tsunami debris cleanup

B.C. Ministry of Environment

January, 2012

The original estimate was it would take a few years, but debris from the Japanese tsunami might already be finding its way to B.C. beaches. Here are some links with information related to this event:

Flying Cuttlefish picayune blog: DEBRIS MAKES LANDFALL IN US & CANADA

Tsunami Debris and North America: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? Is tsunami debris from Japan reaching B.C.?

Live to Surf - Tofino surf shop blog debris spotted along West Coast

NOAA Marine Debris website

The Telegraph news

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

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